Why Retirement Communities are Great for Seniors Who Can No Longer Drive

29 August 2017
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Whether your eyesight is declining or your joints can no longer handle sitting in a car for long periods, losing your ability to drive can be incredibly upsetting and may feel like a prison sentence. If you can't get around, how can you enjoy your golden years? Some of the most obvious solutions are also the least useful. Asking family members to drive you around, for example, is only practical when they have free hours in their day. Read More 

Tips To Help You Build A Good Relationship With Your Home Care Aide

8 June 2016
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Home care assistance helps relieve most stresses involved in getting assisted care at home. The relationship you build with your home care aide will affect how well you get along and the satisfaction you get from the services. Below are effective tips to help you build a good and healthy relationship with your caregiver. Honesty About Needs It's important that you communicate honestly about your needs to your home care aide. Read More 

Considerations When Selecting an Aged Care Facility

27 October 2015
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Making the decision to relocate a loved one to an aged care facility is not usually an easy one. As the primary care giver, you will probably struggle with feeling guilt as some people associate this with abandoning their geriatric relatives. However, a good nursing facility can make all the difference between your older relative thriving and not getting enough stimulation during their golden years. This is especially true if you have a busy lifestyle and career, and thus cannot devote as much time as you would like into the care of your loved one. Read More