Understanding Aged Care Options For Your Family Member

25 October 2022
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As your family members grow older, their health may be something you have to face. Declines in health can cause lifestyle changes and choices you may be unfamiliar with. Aged care is one group of choices that your loved one's doctor may suggest. There are several types of care available. Here are those types and what you need to consider about each one. 

In-Home Health Care

In-home health care options are available to family members who would like to age at home. This type of care allows the family member to stay in their own home while a nurse offers daily care. This daily care can be around the clock or be for certain times of day while the normal caregiver is at work or away. Home health care can also offer therapy such as occupational therapy and physical therapy if they are necessary. If your loved one should decline in health even more, the physician may offer home health hospice care as well. Medication management is one of the many services available in this type of aged care. 

Respite Care

Respite care is ideal for your family member that has had a decline in health that may improve. A common example of this would be a hip injury leading to surgery. Your family member may need physical therapy and treatment to help them begin walking again after their surgery. This can be done in respite care. If their health improves, they may return to home health care or to their home with no aged care options unless necessary. 

Long-term Care

Long-term care is a common option for many families. This type of care allows your sick loved one to move into a long-term healthcare facility. The services available in the facility can range from general activities of daily living care to end-of-life care. They handle medication management, therapy management, and daily care as needed. Long-term care facilities can be paid for in many forms and can be signed off as a necessity by your loved one's physician. 

These are just a few of the aged care options for your family member. When you are ready to strongly consider one of these options, contact your loved one and their physician. Consider a consultation to discuss which aged care options may be ideal for your situation. Once this appointment is done, you can move forward with aged care service providers in your area. 

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